What type of performance improvement programs can I measure?

You can utilize the EEPM ROIPro to measure any program type. The key to EEPM is your ability to create a financial measure for any type of program. Both sales and non-sales programs have been successfully measured using this method.

Do I have to complete each step in the EEPM ROIPro in order to get results?

Completion of each step in EEPM ROIPro is not necessary to move your business to a new level of success. Depending upon where your organization is with regard to both your internal and external ability to create and maintain positive behavior changes that keep your business ahead of the competition EEPM will provide your business with a clear and measurable roadmap to both short and long-term success.

What do I do about programs I already have in place?

EEPM ROIPro can provide you with the ability to measure the financial benefit of any existing programs. Working with EEPM ROIPro will also show you where you can expand or consolidate your performance improvement programs to maximize your ROI.

Do I need a financial background to use EEPM ROIPro?

EEPM ROIPro has been developed for both financial management and those who have no financial experience. All financial calculations and formulas are built-in to the platform.

EEPM Members will have the ability to advance their working knowledge of how to demonstrate the relationship between people and the financial statements of a business.

How can I create “What If” scenarios using EEPM ROIPro?

EEPM ROIPro allows you to work through steps that capture the “what if” scenario for your performance improvement program. As you complete the steps you will have a Summary View of your entries at key steps in your plan. Your ability to “go back” and change responses to each step is always available prior to finalizing your Baseline Data at the end.

EEPM Members, your ability to create case scenarios outside of EEPM ROIPro are enhanced by accessing our ROI Calculators and other resources that can provide more in-depth ROI Planning Strategies.

What reports can I generate to show my program progress and results?

Once you have confirmed your Baseline Data in EEPM ROIPro the information is captured and saved as your Baseline. Reports are now available for timely updates to your program. Updates can be entered into key areas of your program. All reports and your Program Dashboard will now reflect both your original Baseline Data and a dated update with your success to date.

Can I share reports and dashboards with key members of my business?

All reports are available in both view only and can be exported to excel for your internal use. Dashboards are available to key management, as selected by you, throughout the program.

Does EEPM ROIPro create a Rules Structure for my program?

While EEPM will not provide you with the specific details for individual and group objectives, point valuation, bonus point strategies and eligibility requirements, you will now be armed with information for creating rules that have a level playing field and that are in-line with your overall company strategy and objectives.

EEPM Members will have access to resources and expertise for incorporating ROI into your Rules Structure.

Does EEPM ROIPro identify specific target audiences I should include in my program?

EEPM ROIPro helps you to identify target audience participants for your program. Working through the steps included you will be asked to identify individual areas of both internal and external audiences that would have to change their behavior in order to achieve your business objectives.

EEPM Members will have access to strategies that will create an overall positive change environment in your business. Those strategies include maximizing a positive atmosphere for stakeholders, partners and staff that are not directly involved in your program.

What happens if the economy weakens and our business suffers as a result?

EEPM ROIPro provides an Economic Review as a part of the process. Changes in the economy may be out of your direct control but utilizing EEPM ROIPro will enable you to follow trends and indicators that can provide you with advance notice of a pending economic shift.

EEPM Members will have access to additional strategies and expert advice on how to recognize trends and plan for both good and poor economic changes in your environment.

Does EEPM ROIPro provide me with award selections?

EEPM ROIPro does not provide any type of reward or award selection. Utilizing EEPM ROIPro will however provide you with what you need the most to have a selection that will motivate your audiences to achieve above and beyond expectations. The ROI Budget produced by EEPM ROIPro provides for an incremental improvement in bottom line results to be allocated to your award budget. Participants will now “earn”, not “win” their awards.

EEPM Members will have the ability to resources that provide strategies and options for developing an “earn” versus “win” environment for your program.

Can I integrate EEPM ROIPro into an awards website?

EEPM ROIPro is able to integrate into most any award website solution. Specific details would be required to determine each case.

Does EEPM ROIPro provide reporting on individual or group assessments for achieving success with program objectives?

 EEPM ROIPro reports, including updates that are entered, will capture and show overall results only. Individual and group tracking as well as other programs used to verify program rules (invoice verification, etc.) are not available directly through EEPM ROIPro.

EEPM Members will have access to resources that you can utilize to use in conjunction with EEPM ROIPro to maximize your Enterprise Engagement.


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