The EEPM Story

While the EEPM Solution and the way it is offered is new, the solution is a time tested and proven ROI model and is known as Dawson's ROI Model. Since its inception in 1991 there have been :

• 862 programs operated
• 681 different companies
• 236 different NAICS industries represented
• 98% of the programs repeated for at least 3 years
• 88% of the programs repeated over 7 years
• 100% of these programs obtained a positive incremental ROI

Rather than restricting the use of the ROI model and ROI Pro SaaS software to private clients, Dawson teamed up with Lisa Humphrey to market, teach and share it with a broader audience. The details of how to work the model and how to use your ROI Pro Platform license is packaged together under EEPM -The Enterprise Engagement Performance Management Solution and offered through Your Profit Catalyst TM

Lisa Humphrey is President of Your Profit Catalyst TM, a licensed ROI Consulting Company and owner of EEPM Solutions. Combining decades of coaching experience, formal education, professional expertise and business ownership, Lisa works to empower corporate executives to take control of their performance improvement initiatives that deliver a measured financial Return on Investment.

With her unique focus on financial ROI utilizing behavioral change motivational strategies Lisa designs and executes performance improvement plans that provide business executives with the tools and knowledge they need to dramatically improve sales, profits and cash flow.

Lisa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in finance and a Master’s Degree in accounting, both from the University of Colorado at Denver, and is an EMyth Certified Coach and a licensed, retired CPA.

The Enterprise Engagement Performance Management Solution is built on the Dawson’s ROI Model, developed in 1991 by Bob Dawson. The foundation for The Dawson ROI Model included approaching performance improvement program design from a business process perspective. As Dawson worked successfully with clients over the years he developed a SaaS application that tracked the financial and non-financial metrics associated with his model, including determining reliable net incremental profit projections and a program budget that would ensure that clients met or exceeded their objectives.


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